Re-Bottled IBC's Supplied In Manchester By Delta Containers Group


If you need a reliable and cost effective IBC for liquids or other materials, Delta Containers has a great range of rebottled IBC's for you to choose from.

“Rebottled” means that the old inner plastic bottle has been replaced with a brand new bottle; this means you can rest assured that the container is safe to use and you don't have to worry about it's previous contents. 

There are different pallet types to choose from for your rebottled IBC. These include wood, which is often considered a more cost effective pallet, as well as plastic and metal. Depending on what you wish to store or transport, we can help you find the right IBC for your needs.

Many clients choose rebottled IBC's to store high value, hygiene sensitive and moisture sensitive materials. By placing your goods inside these containers, you can be sure that they are safe. Many of the IBC's are also designed to be picked up with fork or handling trucks for ease of use.

Delta Containers always aim to offer the best prices to customers and we even offer discounts to those clients who wish to purchase full loads. If you are unsure which IBC to choose, our professional and experienced representatives can discuss your requirements and choose the right IBC for you. We also have a wider range of other reconditioned products if you want to buy a used IBC container, or alternatively, we also have brand new IBC's available.

The majority of IBCs sold require an IBC bund to accompany the product; bunds catch drips and prevent waste and act as a platform for your container. See the range here


The Delta Groups original company started trading 1983 as a small independent family business trading mainly in the reconditioning of steel 45 gallon drums. Nowadays after three decades of growth and investment the Delta Groups principle activities have grown to include:

  • The supply of complete ranges of new and reconditioned IBC's and drums to UK national and Multi-national corporations via Delta Containers (Manchester) Limited.
  • The supply of high quality IBC & drum containment bunds, new and reconditioned IBC & drum spare parts plus TRISURE branded closures ON-LINE via Delta Containers Direct Limited.
  • The supply of specialist post industrial container recycling services and the supply of quality recycled HDPE & PP flake via Delta (Container) Recycling Limited.
  • All services and products are supplied to the general manufacturing, oil, chemical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.