Reconditioned IBC's Supplied In Manchester By Delta Containers Group


Reconditioned IBC's fulfil the same function as new IBC's but can be more cost effective, as the case has been previously used. The inner bottle of the container has been thoroughly washed and cleaned to ensure the safe storage of new goods.

Here at Delta Containers, we have been working for many years supplying Used IBC's to clients around the UK. There is a wide range available depending on your unique requirement.

The first choice you have is the pallet type of the IBC. Choices include plastic, which is the preferred type for hygiene companies and pharmaceuticals, as well as wood and metal. All pallets have their unique advantages and our team can talk you through your options.

Our best selling reconditioned product is the 1000 litre IBC on a timbre pallet, which is suitable for non hazardous goods. another popular choice by our customers is the similar steel pallet IBC, so to help decided which works best for you contact us today.

You might also choose a second hand IBC that has been specifically designed for flammable or hazardous materials. This is quite a common demand and many of our customers benefit from IBC's that are UN approved and / or antistatic and explosion protected.

We work with clients from breweries, engineering, water and waste management companies and many other areas to provide reliable and cost effective IBC container solutions. For more information on the IBC container that would work well for your business needs, contact us today.

If you also need a bund for your IBC then we can help you with that too. Drip catchers, platforms and dispensers available on different IBC bunds.



The Delta Groups original company started trading 1983 as a small independent family business trading mainly in the reconditioning of steel 45 gallon drums. Nowadays after three decades of growth and investment the Delta Groups principle activities have grown to include:

  • The supply of complete ranges of new and reconditioned IBC's and drums to UK national and Multi-national corporations via Delta Containers (Manchester) Limited.
  • The supply of high quality IBC & drum containment bunds, new and reconditioned IBC & drum spare parts plus TRISURE branded closures ON-LINE via Delta Containers Direct Limited.
  • The supply of specialist post industrial container recycling services and the supply of quality recycled HDPE & PP flake via Delta (Container) Recycling Limited.
  • All services and products are supplied to the general manufacturing, oil, chemical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.