Our G2 IBC is a reconditioned IBC. Our normal reconditioned IBC’s are as good-as-new and suitable for all products that are not going to be consumed by humans or animals. It’s an economical alternative when the IBC doesn’t need to be in brand-new-condition.

Compared to other reconditioned IBC’s the G2 is even cheaper, but will show a few imperfections. It will look slightly more used compared to the other reconditioned IBC’s. The frame might have little dents or some rust and the bottle can be discoloured. They are professionally cleaned, but we can’t sell them as ‘good as new’.

G2 IBC’s are leak tested, but as they are a bit lower spec it’s maybe better that if a leak does appear there is no high risk of dangerous waste getting into the surrounding areas. Examples where the G2 IBC’s could be used are for example as ballast or storage of non-dangerous filling goods that won’t be used for consumption.


To conclude, all our reconditioned IBC’s are cleaned, but not suitable for consumption goods. Our reconditioned IBC’s are as good as new, leak tested and where necessary lids and valves are replaced. The G2 IBC’s are a lower spec and can be used for storage or ballast, but is not recommended for filling goods that could lead to dangerous leakage, unless they are stored in a safe environment where this would not matter.

If you are still not sure which IBC would be best in your situation, you can always speak to a member of our team or send us an e-mail. After nearly 40 years of experience, we will definitely be able to advise you.