A lot of industries use IBC containers for oils, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints, resins and food and beverages. However, more and more people have found really smart ideas for IBC containers.


Increasingly people start to catch rainwater with an IBC to save water for environmental reasons, but also to save money. With a 1000 litre container you can catch a lot of water during the winter months and use this during the dry summers in your garden, allotment, farm, golf club or anywhere else. The IBC’s don’t cost much so you don’t have to make a huge investment either.


Then there are the people who cut the IBC container up to use for a completely different reasons. Normally the IBC is used for storage or transport, but some clever people have discovered it can for example easily be used to be transferred into a Jacuzzi! How to do this exactly can now be followed in some easy steps on youtube and before you know it you’re sitting in your garden in your own build hot tub.


And that’s not all, what do you think about aquaponics tank for fish, hydroponics for plants and even bird watching towers. These are all smart economical ways of building something that would normally cost a lot of money.


If an IBC has been used but the bottle can’t be cleaned, we normally just keep the cages and these can be used on its own as well. We get a lot of people who use these for storing things such as firewood. Some people also came to us to ask for cages to weld to a cherry picker to have a safe cage to stand in.


We have also sold IBC’s to the film industry to store fake blood in or to use it for an event to build a stage with IBC’s with different colour lights in.


To get a better idea on how to make these things yourself or to see what they look like you can have a look here at our Delta Containers Pinterest page, where we try to gather all these clever ideas.


If you have another good idea for an IBC container, please contact us. We’ll add it to our list!