To complete your IBC container, we sell different type of adapters. These can be used to connect your IBC to a BSP (male or female), camlock, garden tap, hose tail or buttress thread adapter. We will explain these types and how to find the right one for your IBC.  

To choose the correct adapter for your IBC tank, first you will need to know:

-        The thread type and gender (i.e. male or female) of the outlet of your IBC tank.

-        The type and gender of connection you need to attach to your IBC tank

So how do you find out the outlet of your IBC container?

IBC containers can have different types of fittings. The most standard fitting is the IBC threads or buttress threads, it is a larger courser thread and they come in a few sizes but your IBC container could also have a BSP thread or a DIN thread.


How to find the correct thread on your IBC tank?

Measure the outside diameter of the IBC opening.

Measure the distance between the thread from peak to peak (on the thread).


You will find one of the following threads:

IBC valve: S60 x 6 Buttress /DN50

Diameter outlet: 60mm

Thread tape distance: 6mm


IBC valve: S75 x 6 Buttress

Diameter outlet: 75mm

Thread tape distance: 6mm


IBC valve: M80 x 3 Buttress

Diameter outlet: 80mm

Thread tape distance: 3mm


IBC valve: S100 x 8 Buttress

Diameter outlet: 100mm

Thread tape distance: 8mm


Now you can connect your IBC to the following connector types:


IBC container connecting to a BSP (British Standard Pipe)

This is a very common type of thread and you have male or female BSP. These are often used to connect 2 or more IBC’s together.


IBC containers connecting to a hose tail or a tap

Hose tail IBC adapters are designed with a single barbed tube to connect to a flexible hose. A hose clamp will help to keep the hose from slipping off.


IBC container connecting to a camlock

These fittings are great to save time. You don’t need to screw everything on like with threaded fittings. With these you can quickly switch /(un)couple the connection to anything where a secure connection is necessary.


IBC Tank buttress thread adapter to use S60x6 fittings

If you don’t have an S60x6 threaded IBC but need one of the above adapters, you will need to have an adapter in between to make your IBC have a S60 x 6 thread. You can then use any standard adapter mentioned above.


If you are still left with any questions, please contact our team and tell us your requirements. We will help you find the right IBC adapter.