lidWhen you know whether you want new or reconditioned lid and which size, we still have lids for different functions. The standard lid is a solid lid that will just close your IBC container. This is fine for a lot of filling goods, but if you have a filling good that creates pressure inside the tank you will need an over pressure vent. The vent opens once internal pressure reaches the activation pressure. Once the pressure is released the vent will close again.

If your IBC needs air going in and out you will need a breather vent. This could be for example when pressure is build up when the temperatures are rising, or that the filling goods are contracting when temperatures go down. If you open the valve of a not well vented IBC, it could explode. This breather in-out vent will stop the IBC from exploding and imploding. Even well performing IBC’s can burst at pressures as low as 5 PSI.

If the pressure inside the IBC changes, but you have a solid lid instead of one with a vent, it can also become difficult to open the lid. If you are on time, but you need some extra strength to open it an IBC lid spanner could be handy. This tool is also practical if you have to open a lot of IBC with tight lids.

Then there is also the tri-Sure screwcap. This is the most efficient closure system designed for high level UN applications on IBC containers. These lids are designed for optimal sealing performance and compatible with CDS (closed dispense system).

If you are not sure which lid you need, or if you have any other questions, please contact our team. With years of experience, they will be able to help you with any queries concerning IBC containers and spare parts.