All liquid goods from food, drinks, and oils to detergents and solvents to other hazardous goods such as sulphuric acid or potassium are transported in bulk containers. They transport these 1000 litre IBC’s from the producers to the place where they would be transferred in to smaller packaging for the end user. In the past this would be done by simply opening the tap and pouring it into smaller containers and this would lead to risky splashes and fumes coming free. 

Our IBC container with CDS Dip-Tube extraction system enables the extraction of filling goods without opening either the valve or top lid. This makes it the perfect IBC container for if you don’t want any contact with the filling good such as chemicals over 30% concentration Nitric Acid (normally called 50% / 70 % nitric) and 98% Sulphuric Acid also Hydrofluoric acid. 

They are also used for Ad-blue to avoid any risk of contamination and it guarantees clean delivery to the exhaust system because even the slightest amount of contamination will affect the efficiency of the NOX (Nitric Oxide) gas treatment. This clean break system for fluid handling is also ideal for pesticides and fertilisers as they all contain ammonia. 

However, safety and contamination is not the only reason to use a cds dip tube IBC container. Other reasons are to maximise materials, because it enables you to empty the tank up to 99%. This reduces waste and is therefore often more cost-efficient.

Reduction of clean-up cost is also a reason why people choose cds dip-tube. Eliminating spills at the point of use will safe you in labour for not constantly cleaning up spills and you don’t have as high disposal cost as you empty the IBC much more than without a dip-tube. 

Of course all the points mentioned above also have other overall positive effects on the health and safety of staff, the environment and sustainability. These are all points you have to consider when choosing between a normal IBC or an IBC container with a cds system. 

If you have any further questions about the CDS dip-tube IBC please contact us.