If you have an IBC in the garden, it could be enough to just empty it out fully once in a while. Especially if it is exposed to the sun a lot and you don’t have UV protection, you could have algae if the water is not used often. You can then add a solution to the water clean it out with a high pressure jet or any other way to make sure there are no chemicals left in the tank.

However, in many situations it’s probably better to have your IBC cleaned professionally. If the content is used for consuming goods, it’s of course very important that the tank is 100% clean and for this you will need professional cleaning machines. Also, if you have dangerous goods or products that could cause a bad spill, we recommend to get your IBC cleaned and more importantly tested by professionals. When we clean used IBC’s on our site, we also test them afterwards to make sure there are no leaks. We have special electronic pressure equipment for the testing and this would be difficult do yourself. Moreover we check the valve and lid and replace them when necessary. At the end of this process the IBC will get our ‘traceability and leak test certification’.

If you have IBC’s that need cleaning please contact us. Also, if you have used IBC’s that are maybe not good enough to be cleaned anymore you can still contact us. We might be able to reuse the frame and put a new bottle in there. Contact us to see how we can help.