A lot companies don’t realise that their used IBC’s which are standing around in their yard are actually worth some money and you definitely don’t have to pay for collection, as many people believe. See what you could get for your used IBC's.

Our company collects used IBC containers throughout the UK and Europe. All we need from you is an email with:

-          A few photos of the empty IBC’s

-          Tell us what they were used for / what was in them

-          And how many do you have / need collecting

What will happen next is that one of our sales guys will give you a call to arrange a visit or to agree on a price. Yes, if the empty IBC containers can be cleaned and a good quantity is available to collect we will pay for them! For some companies this can be a good yearly revenue. Even if the IBC can’t be cleaned but the cage is reusable we may still pay or collect for free.

This way you turn used IBC containers that are taking up your workspace into money and you’re recycling them at the same time.

We have been in this business for more than 30 years and we offer great service. We come and pick them up as soon possible with our professional staff who can load them quickly. Most importantly, we pay the best rate possible!

Do you have some empty IBC containers? Contact us now and check for yourself that we pay a great price for them. Or call us for further information on 0161-231 2875.

Costs are only incurred if cages are damage or the number of IBC’s is less than 8!