When you are looking to buy an IBC you will need to ask a few questions first. If the IBC is for a hazardous or flammable product, what size you are looking for, whether you are looking for steel, new or reconditioned, plastic or stainless steel and the quantity of IBC’s that you are looking for. To help you on your way, we have made a small glossary to answer some of these questions.


Plastic composite IBC – this is the most standard IBC usually made of white polyethylene plastic placed in a galvanized iron cage to protect the plastic bottle (or sometimes called inner bladder). The cage is attached to the pallet. Most have a build in tap (e.g. faucet, valve, and spigot) at the base to which a hose can be attached to poor contents into smaller containers. These containers have an expected lifespan of more than 20 years.


Rebottled IBC– these are IBCs where the cage that goes around the bottle have been used but are in perfect condition. The bottle (or bladder tank) in the cage is brand new and therefore good to be used for the food, drink industry or pharmaceuticals.


Reconditioned IBC – this is an IBC that has been used before but the bottle (plastic cube/tank) has been cleaned thoroughly so that it can be used again for other goods. These containers are cleaned at a very high standard, but are not resold to food, drink or pharmaceutical industries.


Repaltainer – this is an ecological IBC solution with significant performance benefits. It’s a very strong IBC and it integrates recycled PE and can be fully recycled itself at the end of its service life. It is made for multi-trip use and is re-usable even under extreme climatic conditions.


Stainless Steel IBC – This is 1000 litre palletised stainless steel tank. These are very robust tanks and UN approved.


Bund – A devise on which you store your IBC container or drums to catch any spills or leaks.


IBC Jacket or Cover – These are covers for IBCs to either heat the IBC with the content or to protect the IBC against frost and if outside against the weather in general.


IBC mixer or IBC agitator – These are mixers designed to re-mix the IBC content and to keep the product at a consistent quality.


We also have many extra spare parts such as valves, lids, gaskets, vents and many more for IBCs. If you are looking for anything specific for your IBC, please give our team a call. We have a very wide range and even make many items bespoke to your needs.