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IBC Rebottling Service

As part of our services, Delta Containers Manchester offers an IBC rebottling service. This can often be a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly option than buying a new IBC. Rebottled IBCs are great for those who need a 'clean' IBC and this process involves simply replaces the inner bottle of the container. 

IBC container rebottled

By reusing your existing cage you can avoid unnecessary disposal costs, both economical and environmental. The raw material used to manufacture the original cage and pallet can be used again and again thus minimising the environmental impact of the original manufacturing process.If an IBC can not be washed the optimum solution is to rebottle the existing outer cage.

The original inner bottle can be responsibly disposed of and recycled by Delta (Container) Recycling, a Delta Group Company, and replaced by a new virgin inner bottle.

Delta’s rebottling service includes;

  • the collection of your dirty IBC, 
  • the removal of the original bottle, 
  • the fitting of a new bottle which may or may not be the same type as that which is removed, 
  • external cleaning of cage and pallet, 
  • delivery back to you an IBC ready for use.

Please speak to one of Delta's experienced representative to discuss your requirements - you can contact us here

You can also purchase rebottled IBCs on our site's shop.